Battle Dry Fall Skin With These Easy Tips


As beauty addicts, we all know the struggle of the dreary, drying conditions which come naturally each season once the brisk temperatures of fall have arrived. While it’s no secret that the cold air and lower levels of humidity can leave us feeling less likely to embrace the great outdoors, it’s also a known fact that October winds tend to usher in the dreaded season of dry, flaky skin. If you’re aiming to protect your delicate face and body from the harsh effects of autumn weather, here are our best tips for targeting and nourishing your dry fall skin.

1. Use an oil-based moisturizer: The harsh winter air can leave our face feeling brittle and flaky. To prevent our face from being dry in the cold winter months, choose an oil-based moisturizer to keep the face hydrated. The rich and creamy texture of the oil absorbs better into our skin, locking the moisture in. You can also opt for moisturizers that are infused with natural oils such as shea butter, sesame oil, olive oil and argan oil to better restore the skin’s natural oil level.

2. Use non-alcoholic-based products: Products that contain alcohol strip the skin’s natural oils which can leave the skin feeling stiffer. These usually include toners, anti-acne wash and hand sanitizers. For the cold season, swap out these products for ones that are alcohol free to better retain the skin’s natural moisture.

3. Opt for DIY face masks: If you’re feeling creative, try concocting your own DIY face mask with common home remedies to prevent dry skin. Homemade face masks can provide you with the added benefits of natural vitamins while keeping your skin hydrated in the winter season. For instance, honey, aloe vera, yogurt and milk are common ingredients used in face masks to treat dry skin and give the skin a natural glow.

4. Stay hydrated with plenty of water: As the temperatures cool and we step into autumn, we tend to stray away from drinking water and instead fill up on hot beverages to keep ourselves warm. However, WebMd reports that our bodies are in fact made up of 60 per cent water. As a result, drinking plenty of H2o can keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated this season.

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